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Colors of Noise

Single (2016)

Colors Of Noise is the first single of Spacewalk's debut LP which is planned for release in mid 2016.



Drums by Jonas Abrahamsson (recorded at Nellicke Sounds,, Gothenburg)

Vocals, guitars, piano, synthesizers and bass guitar by Spacewalk (Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm) 

Mastered by Emil Isaksson (Studio Möllan, Malmö, SE).

Cover art by Alexandra Brace (Fine art painter, UK).


Written, performed and produced by Spacewalk. 

Copyright © 2016 Spacewalk. All Rights Reserved.


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Placebo Effect

EP (2011)

1. Placebo Effect


2. Black Swan (Acoustic Version)


3. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Acoustic Version)


4. Wrong (Acoustic Version)


Acoustically recorded, this EP includes a new single by Spacewalk called "Placebo Effect" and distinct acoustic covers of three remarkable electronic songs originally performed by Radiohead, Thom Yorke and Depeche Mode. All songs are written, performed and produced by Spacewalk.

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