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Rooz Izadi, known by his stage and recording name Spacewalk, is an award-winning singer-songwriter, composer and record producer based in Sweden. Although his music tends to defy categorization and goes beyond specific genre boundaries, it can be referred to as 'alternative' as he intricately blends finger-picked arpeggios with delicate vocal harmonies, horn sections, multi-layered psychedelic synths, lush ambient textures, and assertive basslines. "Spaciousness, the atmospheric tonality, hypnotic harmonies and melodic contours of the compositions take you to places that you don't want to leave."


Spacewalk comes into being as the musical journey of a passionate young man who eventually dares to touch his father's dusty worn-out Alhambra guitar in his late teens and steps into a free unlimited dimension, light years away from the cramped box of government-imposed restrictions. At the time, the bitter reality of the systematic philistinism of the totalitarian establishment is silently cancelled out by a young vibrant underground network of talented musicians and connoisseurs in his hometown, Tehran. Being a part of such a creative community, and as a self-taught musician, Spacewalk's music develops in originality as he starts writing his own songs and soon he is awarded as a finalist in the Song of The Year international songwriting contest.


In 2009, Spacewalk records his first EP in independent underground studios including his own home studio in Tehran, Iran. The publication of "Your Rainbows After My Acid Rain" is challenged by predictable legal obstacles which motivates him to release it DIY, both digitally and on CDs. In the end, the culmination of his efforts pays off and his music is relatively well received specially after being aired by several radio stations including BBC Introducing and WFMU.

After moving to Sweden to pursue his passion, he releases his second EP "Placebo Effect" in summer 2011 on the leading digital outlets and streaming services. Acoustically recorded, this collection comprises guitars, piano and vocal harmonies to "paint a great picture in his story-telling which captures and holds the listener's attention". Since then, Spacewalk has toured and performed in numerous locations including England, Sweden, Denmark, Santorini, Crete, the Canary Islands, Madeira, Alaska, the Washington State, the Pacific and the Caribbean Coasts of Mexico and British Columbia.


In summer 2018, he finishes the tracking of his first full album, and later in October, the production of the album is completed at Svenska Grammofonstudion (SGS), one of Scandinavia's leading studios located in Gothenburg. The upcoming LP, the culmination of years of traveling, songwriting, and sonic experimentation, is planned to be released next year. In this record, Spacewalk's music, inspired by his diverse musical influences, has taken a more psychedelic turn, expanding his sound by adding more textural depth to his arrangements, and more punch to the grooves.

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